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KAWASAKI ER6 160km/h 44KW

Klasse A, 44 kW

VW Polo Innenansicht 180 Km/h 75KW

Innenansicht VW Polo

VW Polo 180 Km/h 75KW

Klasse B

Innenansicht Schulungsfahrzeug der A-Klasse A180 V max 190km/h 80KW

Innenansicht Mercedes

Schulungsfahrzeug der A-Klasse A180 V max 190km/h 80KW

Klasse B


Klasse A2, 35 kW

[your questions, our answers]

Where can I attend a cheap first aid course?
medakademie Berlin
Cicerostr. 27
D-10709 Berlin
Tel.:030 89 54 30 90 030 89 54 30 90
price 15€

When should I start whith the training?

About 5 to 3 month before your birthday, depending on whether theoretical and practical training should happen consecutively or concurrently
I want to apply for it, when should I come by?

Monday - Friday 4pm - 7pm. It`s possible to begin with the theoretical training at 7pm that day.

What do I have to bring for my application?
Just your identification card.

I`m not 18 years yet. Can I apply whithout beeing accompanied by my parents?

Yes, but the articles of traineeship won`t be valid until your father or mother has signed.

Can I attend a test course?

Yes, it`s for free and creditable.

Why are special tours more expensive?

There are higher operating costs and abrasion of the car.

My first driving hour is in winter when it`s dark. Is this charged to the night tours?

No, the driving teacher is only allowed to conduct special tours shortly before the end of the course.

How much is the whole course to get the driving licence when I am 17 or 18 years old?
1100 EUR +/- 400 EUR

How much is a driving licence for a moped?
500 EUR +/- 200 EUR

For more detailed information please contact the driving school.

How many driving hours do I have to complete to get the car driving licence?

about 15 double hours (+/- 8 hours), in addition to that 12 special tours

How many driving hours do I have to complete to get a moped driving licence?

about 10 double hours (+/- 6 hours), no special tours are required

Why do I have to pay twice when taking the driving test?

once for the driving school, once for the TÃœV

do I have to take part at all class topics?

No, but it is very useful. Required is only the attendance at 12 main topics und 2 additional topics (it doesn`t matter which of these topics you choose)

Is it possible that a very talented learner is allowed for the driving test without having completed the regular driving hours?

No, because of mandatory guidelines.

What is the earliest possible moment that I can be allowed for the driving test?

Theoretical test: 3 month before the 18th birthday.
Driving test: 1 month before the 18th birthday


Di. + Do.: 19 Uhr

[So erreicht Ihr uns]

(030) 253 268 98

0171 344 63 44

Yorckstraße 48
10965 Berlin
(direkt am S- und U-Bahnhof Yorckstraße)