Berufsausbildungen mit Führerschein Klasse B

[Unsere Fahrzeuge]

KAWASAKI ER6 160km/h 44KW

Klasse A, 44 kW

VW Polo Innenansicht 180 Km/h 75KW

Innenansicht VW Polo

VW Polo 180 Km/h 75KW

Klasse B

Innenansicht Schulungsfahrzeug der A-Klasse A180 V max 190km/h 80KW

Innenansicht Mercedes

Schulungsfahrzeug der A-Klasse A180 V max 190km/h 80KW

Klasse B


Klasse A2, 35 kW

[Theory / Dates]

We offer theoretical lessons every Tuesday and Thursday from 7 pm until 8.30 pm, Fridays at 6 pm and extra dates by agreement in our driving school in Yorckstrasse 48.
For license class B 12 basic topics plus 2 specific topics are needed. You can repeat 2 out of 12in order to complete the theoretical training.

Theory training here:

Theory contants

Topic 1: Personal preconditions / risk factor Human beings, physical abilities
Topic 2: Legal general conditions / driving of motor vehicles
Topic 3: Basic rules, traffic signs, road traffic regulations
Topic 4: Road traffic system and its usage, railway crossings
Topic 5: Right of way
Topic 6: Flow regulation by traffic lights et c
Topic 7: Speed, distance and ozone-friendly driving
Topic 8: Other participants of road traffic, public transport
Topic 9: Behaviour while drive manoeuvres, traffic observation
Topic 10: Stationary traffic, waiting and parking
Topic 11: Behaviour in certain situations, results of offence against regulations
Topic 12: Lifelong learning, beginners and young drivers


Di. + Do.: 19 Uhr

[So erreicht Ihr uns]

(030) 253 268 98

0171 344 63 44

Yorckstraße 48
10965 Berlin
(direkt am S- und U-Bahnhof Yorckstraße)